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Terms and Conditions

All users must agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to use.

These Terms and Conditions permit the Client to use The House of Muddy Paws secured Field for exercising dogs under owners close personal supervision at all times.


  • You must adhere to the speed limit of 10mph once on site.
  • You confirm it is only your own dog(s) coming to The House of Muddy Paws secured field unless you have booked a group session. 
  • You confirm all dogs have been vaccinated & wormed. For group sessions the person booking the field confirms all dogs in the group are vaccinated & wormed. (With so many dogs using the field, it is imperative we take all precautions to keep it safe for both them and their owners.)
  • You confirm you will not be using the field in any professional capacity unless agreed by The House of Muddy Paws- it is only for personal use only.
  • You agree to pick up after your dog and use the bins provided –dog waste can create a very serious health risk. Any toys you bring must be removed at the end of your session.
  • Clients not picking up after their dog/s may result in them being banned from future use of the field.
  • If your dog, or any it lives with, are showing any signs of ill health (coughing, diarrhoea, vomiting, general lethargy etc.) you will cancel the session. (The field is used by many different dogs, some with weakened immune systems).
  • Please note that all aversive training equipment is banned at The House of Muddy Paws – this includes, but is not limited to: electric collars; spray collars; prong collars, rattle cans and corrector spray. If you are unsure if you are using a banned item, or would like further information on why these items are banned, please get in touch for a chat.
  • Clients with children are to make sure the children do not climb on or use any of the equipment for dogs or climb on the fencing or gates.
  • We do not provide refunds so if you are unable to take the booking for any reason, you can amend your booking to a new date and time with 24 hours’ notice. This will allow the session to be freed up for others. You can rebook your session via Account on the drop down menu on the website.
  • This booking is personnel to the client and cannot be transferred or sublet without permission from The House of Muddy Paws.
  • Please remember this is a working farm so be aware of your surroundings when on site and please stay under the speed limit. Please ensure that no noise nuisance shall be caused to occupiers of properties surrounding the field.
  • At no time should dog/s be tethered to any structures on site i.e. fencing, posts, gates etc.
  • Dog/s should never be left unattended at any time. You should accompany your dog/s at all times, you must be aware of what your dog/s are doing and that they are safe.
  • Only dogs known to each other are permitted to use the field.
  • The House of Muddy Paws has a strict no smoking or vaping policy on any of the premises. Any client found to be breaking this policy may be banned from future use.
  • The field is surrounded by a 6ft high deer fencing with the an extra 3ft of chicken wire fencing but if your dog can jump higher than this or dig under the fence then this field may not be secure for you. Please assess the field on your arrival before letting your dogs off the lead. We cannot accept responsibility for any escapees. Clients are responsible for their dogs while in the field or on site.
  • You agree not to arrive early and to leave the site promptly at the end of your session to reduce the chance of overlap with the next user.
  • Under no circumstances are you wait or park outside of the metal gate to the car park or let yourself into the car park if the previous client is still in the carpark or field.
  • Once you have parked in the car park, the main gate must be padlocked before you get your dogs out of the car. They must stay on their leads until safely inside the field.
  • Once you go through the small wooden gate to the field please bolt this gate for added security.
  • If other users are still in the field or carpark when you arrive, you and your dogs will remain in the car until they have left. Please do not park near the field or car park gate as some dogs are very nervous around cars and other dogs. Please park in the car park by the black barn until the previous customer has left.
  • In the wood area please stay on the path. We have lots of small animals who live in the brush area so there maybe holes that are not visible.
  • The agility area is used at your own risk. All dogs must be supervised at all times. No children or adults are permitted to climb on any of the equipment.
    The House of Muddy Paws does not accept any responsibility for any injuries occurred to you or your dog while using equipment in this area. Please be aware some insurance companies do not cover injuries resulting from use of agility equipment.
  • Each session starts on the hour or half hour and lasts for 25 minutes or 55 minutes.
  • 25 minute sessions – 25 minutes use of the field and 5 minutes for you to have left the carpark. For group sessions all dogs must know each other. 
  • 55 minute sessions – 55 minutes use of the field and 5 minutes for you to have left the car park. For group sessions all dogs must know each other.
  • All clients must be off site or on their way down the lane BEFORE the end of their time slot.
  • Finally all users of The House of Muddy paws secured field & any equipment within the field, do so at their own risk. The House of Muddy Paws accepts no liability for any injury or damage to persons, animals or property.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING BANNED BREEDS – If you own a dog currently on the banned breed list (including XL bully types from 31st Dec 2023) you must have the following & must follow the procedure set out below;
  • By agreeing to the terms & conditions you are agreeing you have a Certificate of Exemption & your own liability insurance in place.
  • The car park gate must be closed & padlocked before you get your dog out of the car.
  • They must remain on the lead and muzzled until safely inside the field.
  • The wooden gate must be closed and bolted before you remove your dogs lead & muzzle.
  • Your dog must have its own handler.
  • Only dogs from the same household are allowed to join you in the field. No other dogs are allowed.
  • When leaving the field your dog must be muzzled & on the lead before you unlock the wooden gate until they are safely locked inside your car.
  • Please do not proceed with your booking if you do not wish to comply with the above requirements.

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